Pocket Grib for iPhone/iPad

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August 14/15th, 2015 - Unable to download weather model

For most of its GRIB files PocketGrib uses the public GRIB weather service which is provided for free by the Saildocs organisation. They seem to be having a problem with their online GRIB servicee which is causing the error.

If you are in Europe then you can try using a GRIB from the Norwegian Met Office - from the main GRIB Files screen, touch the "+" button and select "Using Catalog" and then select the desired GRIB file.

Alternatively another way to get GRIB files is to use one of the GRIB email services below. The links will open a request email in which you just need to set the latitude/longitudes to your desired area.
MailASail - this sample will download wind and pressure
Saildocs - their email service is actually working but very slowly due to their current problems

Also, here are a couple of GRIB files that cover Europe and North/Central America

Why is the '+' button not working on PocketGrib 1.2.4

Please upgrade to PocketGrib 1.2.5 which has a fix for this Apple iOS8 bug.

Why am I unable to download 8 days of data any more?

PocketGrib sources most of its GRIB files from the Saildocs organisation who provide a free GRIB service. They've recently made a change to support a new wave model for the Mediterranean and English Channel - this model only has 4-5 days of data and is causing the GRIB files covering this area to be limited to that 4-5 days of data. I have emailed the folks there to let them know so hopefully they can work out a solution.

In the meanwhile, I would suggest that you turn off Waves in the download settings for the moment and then you should be able to get the full 8 days of forecast again. You can always download the waves as a separate GRIB (which will be limited to 5 days). You turn waves off by touching the '+' button on the main download screen, then selecting 'Using Map' and then use the "GRIB Settings" button that is shown below.

How do I use PocketGrib?

The best way to get familiar with PocketGrib is to have a look at the short demo here.

Where are the Download Settings in the new version? How do I download additional weather layers?

Once you have selected the '+' sign to create a new GRIB "Using Map" then there is settings icon (shown below) in the bottom left corner which allows you to control the GRIB model, parameters, resolution and time interval.

Why can't I see waves in the Mediterranean?

Select the WW3MED model in the Download Settings.

The new version crashes on startup. What can I do?

Please check what version of the iOS software you are running - this can be found in the main iPad/iPhone Settings => General => About => Version

What is GRIB?

GRIB (GRIdded Binary) is a concise data format commonly used in meteorology to store and distribute historical and forecast weather data.

Which weather parameters can PocketGrib display?

PocketGrib can display the following data layers from GRIB files:

What is CAPE?

CAPE stands for convective available potential energy. Wikipedia has quite a thorough article on it. In simple terms, CAPE is an indicator of atmospheric instability, which makes it valuable in predicting severe weather such as cumulonimbus (storm) cloud formation, severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.

How can I delete GRIB files?

To save you worrying about deleting old GRIB files, PocketGrib is setup to automatically delete GRIBs after a configurable amount of days. If you do want to manually delete them, you can do so from the Load screen - simply swipe your finger across the GRIB that you wish to delete (from left to right or right to left) you will get a delete button which you can use to delete that GRIB file.

What should I do if I experience PocketGrib crashing?

PocketGrib is a memory intensive app due to the maps and graphical weather overlays. If you experience any crashing then there are a few things to try